The Exploitation service helps ensure a more concrete use of the results which your research project produced.


For more marketing services, we offer our Dissemination & Communication service which manages the strategy that informs and promotes your research project and its results to its target audience, including the wider (relevant) public.


Creating and managing a solid Exploitation plan for your research project will highly increase the likelihood that its impact will span further than the scientific community and actually have an effect on the industry, environment, economy and/or society at large.


Exploitation means business. We will help the consortium members in constructing, refining and executing a commercialisation plan related to the tangible project’s outcomes.


The Exploitation Management Service will work with you to identify the product/s or service/s the results of your project will produce, and then to solidifying a commercialisation plan for the proposed product/s or service/s.

Further exploitation activities, such as developing supply/ distribution chain, opening sales channels, licensing, etc, may be developed on a case by case basis. We can assist you with that as well.


Having identified the above, the Enspire Science team will manage and oversee the implementation of the Exploitation plan to maximize its impact.

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