Dear Researcher,

We are excited to work together to ensure your readiness for the ERC Interview.

Please refer to the useful information below throughout our work together:

  1. ERC Interview Training Frequently Asked Questions – please start here! You’ll get all (or at least most) of your questions answered right away.
  2. ERC Interview – what should you expect – our helpful blog post can be a great initial step in visualizing and preparing for what is to come
  3. Q&A session – questions and issues raised from applicants – We will review these questions together during the first webinar session. You can continue to access these here as you practice and prepare for your interview!

Our ERC Interview Training is a four-part individual service. Below is a breakdown of each session and what to expect:

  • Session I: An opening video session (which you received access to by email) includes all the essential elements for the interview (conceptual, technical, etc.) and what to expect from the interview. It will also include an ERC- customized presentation skills training.
  • Session II: Strategic planning. A brainstorming session with the applicant about the best way to present the project in the interview, taking into account the project content and all the information presented in Session I. The output of this session is guidance and a set of action items for the applicant about how to prepare the presentation.
    • Presentation drafts exchange: Following Session II and before the 1st rehearsal (Session III), we will provide ongoing feedback to the applicant on drafts of the presentation, as required.
  • Session III – 1st rehearsal – will preferably take place 3-4 weeks before the actual interview.
  • Session IV – 2nd rehearsal – will preferably take place 7-10 days before the actual interview.
    • It is possible and recommended to invite others (peers, colleagues, with or without experience in ERC) to the rehearsals sessions. It will be the applicant’s responsibility to arrange and coordinate these sessions with the invitees.
  • All sessions will be done remotely (over video conferencing).

As we proceed – please do not hesitate to contact us with any question that may come up. Our team is fully dedicated to ensuring you receive all the support and assistance you need for this monumental step in the process.

Wishing you the best of luck!

The Enspire Science Team.