Horizon Europe offers many funding opportunities for collaborative projects. If you are considering applying to a collaborative project under the upcoming Horizon Europe framework programme – understanding how the new clusters are structured is an important first step.


Join us for a FREE live webinar, followed by an open question and answer session, to learn more about the clusters, and how to identify topics that may potentially fit within your area(s) of interest, expertise and research. 

Enspire Science is offering free live webinars for all 6 Horizon Europe clusters (based on the latest available drafts).

The added value of these webinars:

The webinars offer an explanation on how to navigate the Work Programme for your chosen cluster and how to pinpoint specific topics of interest.

We offer the following free live webinars: 

  • Webinar 1: Health (Cluster 1)
  • Webinar 2: Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society (Cluster 2) 
  • Webinar 3: Civil Security for Society (Cluster 3)
  • Webinar 4: Digital, Industry and Space (Cluster 4)
  • Webinar 5: Climate, Energy and Mobility (Cluster 5)
  • Webinar 6: Food, Bioeconomy Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment (Cluster 6)


The agenda for each cluster webinar includes:

  • A general overview of the Work Programme for the specific cluster
  • Understanding the Work Programme’s structure: Grand themes, destinations & topics 
  • A general presentation of topic themes 
  • Open Q&A session

We will begin with a dedicated webinar presentation, followed by a question & answer session during which you’ll be able to ask questions and participate in the discussion.


If one of the above webinars is relevant to you – follow the button below to reserve your spot! 

*This live webinar has a limited number of open spots available, be sure to register to reserve your spot today.

*Enspire Science reserves the right to cancel this even up to 24 hours ahead of time due to insufficient participants or unforeseen circumstances.

Enspire Science has over two decades worth of experience in EU collaborative programmes – starting with FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7, Horizon 2020, and now Horizon Europe. Specifically, we’ve seen through the transitions to new programmes, and know how to make the best use of time during the initial stages of a new programme. 

Our team is currently in the process of preparing additional online Horizon Europe courses. Be sure to sign up for updates on these, as well, through the form below. If you have any questions about this webinar, please do not hesitate to contact us.