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Topic 1: Horizon 2020 Consortium Challenge

Brief summary – this presentation covers the key aspects to take into consideration when forming a consortium for Horizon 2020. It is important to be aware of the ‘coordination dilemma’ and, once resolved, proceed to assessing the right functions and members that will form a successful consortium base.

What it means to be a Horizon 2020 Project Coordinator

How to resolve the coordination dilemma

How to build a consortium in Horizon 2020

Services – Professional Horizon 2020 Project Coordinator

Topic 2: Horizon 2020 – Understanding the Ingredients for Excellence and Success

While Horizon 2020 does have very clear requirements, the method for success is not as obvious. Throughout the years, we have been able to identify and track strategic pathways leading to successful Horizon 2020 grant proposals.

Building the right consortium for your project

The TRL scale in Horizon 2020

What it means to be a project coordinator & various ways to resolve the coordination dilemma

The distorting effects of ‘winning’ grants exceptions in Horizon 2020

Training service – Horizon 2020 ingredients for Success

Topic 3: Become the ultimate RMA support system for your ERC candidates

In this poster presentation, we covered the aspects that need to be taken into consideration as an RMA working with your researchers. During their ERC proposal preparation period, RMA’s serve a vital role providing comprehensive and specialized support. Knowing exactly what the researchers need, and when – is the key to successfully managing and helping them throughout this crucial time.

Who is ERC ‘material’?

ERC typical last minute mistakes

The distorting effect of ‘winning’ grants exceptions in ERC

The ‘non-incremental’ ERC challenge

Grant review process – feeding the reviewer 

ERC h-index

Why you should not copy from winning ERC proposals

What to expect from the ERC interview

ERC CoG preparation time-line

Hypothesis in ERC

Training Service – How to write a competitive ERC grant proposal 

Individual Service – Individual and customized ERC Interview preparation training

Topic 4: The Key to Success in FET-Open

As the poster presentation discusses, since FET-Open is a bottom-up and highly competitive scheme, the result is a substantial over-subscription issue in this specific grant. Thus – it is important to carefully and accurately assess your project’s relevance for success in FET-Open. The below reading materials can serve as excellent point to consider.

FET-Open – just how open is it?

The FET-Open spirit and the ‘FET Gatekeepers’

The hidden link between ERC and FET-Open

Service – How to write a competitive FET-Open grant proposal 

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