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ERC Training: How to Write a Competitive ERC Grant Proposal

“The presentation was very good in helping me to see how I should structure my application to fit in ERC.”

University of Bergen (UiB)

Elisabeth Tauber

Yes very satisfied. Beyond, in defining the “risk” concept and in introducing the “structural logic” of an ERC application. It helped a lot in thinking how to structure the research idea. That as good as a proposal can be, there are the risk factors of human reviewers liking or not… Read more “Elisabeth Tauber”


It went beyond the already available information that is out there by modeling the scientific method that should be followed by a successful research project proposal.

Raffaella Di Cagno

In general I am quite satisfied with the event. Certainly for those who have no knowledge of this type of call the meeting goal has been centered, vice versa for those who are already familiar with or for those who have already applied (with failure), the expectation is higher. The… Read more “Raffaella Di Cagno”

Madan K Suwal

“It was a very detailed training.”

University of Bergen (UiB)

I very much appreciated the suggestions we received on how to write the grants (ie in which order), and how to conceptualize it (replace certain words by others to grasp what was the real point of the paragraph to write). I also liked how it was subdivided in the “what”… Read more “”

Yes, definitely satisfied. Difficult issues were explained in an easy yet comprehensive way.

Erwin Rauch

Very clear and structured presentation, competence of consultant. Experience with proposals that cannot be found in the internet.

Martin Miles

“Great seminar. Very satisfied. Definitely insightful. Beyond – and different from – the information that is already out there. Well-organized, comprehensive, and well-paced presentation. Useful and insightful information. Both representatives are are very knowledgeable, excellent communicators and interact well when questioned. It was also very good to receive a copy… Read more “Martin Miles”

University of Bergen (UiB)

ERC Interview Training

It was very helpful to know what to expect at the interview and to have advice on how to sell my cv and project and how to structure my presentation. I very much appreciated that the training comes is multiple sessions, as this forced me to set time apart to… Read more “”

Good suggestions about the structure of the presentation and about managing of time, your availability and professionalism.

The brainstorming session was excellent.

Interview preparation was very useful.

Good feedback on the general expectations for an ERC project in relation to structure of presentation

The service was good because of the preparation of the presentation, the structure and how to tell the story.

Feedback on texts and PP were precious

The help related to the presentation was excellent and so were the answers to my questions related to potential comments of the panel.  

precision of the feedback, tailored to my needs.

It was helpful, always on time, constructive and tailored to my needs.

Standard Review

First, receiving the comments for my first draft, I realized that my message was not clear. I restructured my proposal according to these comments and to my surprise it became much clearer. Second, I delivered my proposal drafts quite late, but they helped me even on the submission deadline date.… Read more “”

Yoram was my focal point for Enspire, and I found Yoram to be very professional, very pleasant to deal with, incredibly responsive @ such a busy time for Enspire, and most importantly for me, Yoram was very straight forward and direct with the comments on my proposal. Which I feel… Read more “”

I found the feedback from both the go/no go analysis and the comments on the draft application extremely helpful.

Andrew Parnell

“Very thorough dissection of the proposal.”

University College Dublin (UCD)

I liked the format of the feedback document – point by point and directly related to each of the grant review criteria. 
Other consultants I have used in the past, had annotated the word doc, rephrased sentences.. this feedback was also good but a little more tedious to review… Read more “”

It was prompt and to the point. I had all my questions answered in enough detail.

David Henry

“Concise, well-directed advise. Incredibly efficient review turn-around!”

University College Cork (UCC)

Deep Dive Review

The consultants made very useful suggestions, without being directive. I could feel that they had understood the project. They helped me with the structure, avoiding redundancy, and helped me to make the project more attractive from the first paragraphs. They also made all kind of comments that helped me comply… Read more “”

I felt from Yasmin and Danielle a constant support all along the process, providing a very good guidance to improve the proposal. They carefully reviewed the proposal as many times as needed, making lot of improvements and suggestions

They really cared about my application and provided very good feedback.

Excellent comments particularly for teaching me to write in ERC style: dedicated parts for why, what, how and for teaching me to write in a condensed, efficient, yet non-repetitive manner.

Experience working on ERC grants, so that you know what EU is looking for. Good comments and quick replies.

The breadth of comments and suggestions, constant critique of my approach and challenging the way the proposal was designed initially.

Very detailed feedback on both scientific part and how to best present it in the context of ERC high risk-high gain expectation. Instrumental in identifying the idea seed in the early stages that was the most promising in terms of potential ERC success chances. Provided very thorough feedback throughout the… Read more “”

I really appreciated Sharon’s precision in providing detailed comments and her incredible patience in revising everything several times. It has been challenging to meet all her points, but also extremely rewarding. An amazing example of excellence in consulting service! She definitely deserves a reward!

The important details are clearly emphasized which can have dramatic effect on the success of the proposal.

The customisation of the feedback to my proposal and the availability of the adviser was very good.

Francesco Ravazzolo

“Let me think about the research idea in a very critical way”

Libera Università di Bolzano (UNIBZ)

Smadar Ben Tabou de Leon

“Really helpful in many aspects such as understanding the expectations and requirements for a successful ERC grant,  pushing me forward to explore new directions for quantitative analyses which I think really improved the grant, emphasizing how important it is for me to be the most suitable person to do the research and advising… Read more “Smadar Ben Tabou de Leon”

University of Haifa

Tamer Abu-Alam

“Very responsive. Helped me in writing step by step. I can ask for Skype meetings for discussions at any time. answered my email within maximum 30 minutes. Positive discussions.”

UiT - The Arctic University of Norway

Søren Frank

“The consultant had a deep knowledge about ERC priorities and what the reviewers value and don’t value. As an applicant, one learns what is important, what is less important and what is not important.”

University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Patrick Steinmetz

“The feedback was constructive and concise. Also, the consultant’s scientific background was excellent, so that there was also very good feedback on how to improve the proposal on the scientific level.”

University of Bergen

Elif Uysal-Biyikoglu

“Very intelligent and to the point. I felt like the team understood not only the document but the work itself and helped me present its significance much better than I would otherwise have done.”

Middle East Technical University (METU)

Mattia Pelizzola

“I was impressed on how I was assisted at all levels, ranging from the details of text formatting, till the definition of the core idea and overall proposal structure. I was feeling as I had somebody very experienced in my Institute constantly available for feedback on all points. Eventually, I… Read more “Mattia Pelizzola”

Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Arthur Leblois

“The consultant was very available and always able to discuss any point or question I had.”

CNRS Délégation Aquitaine

Sara Cohen Shabot

“The team was incredibly helpful: always available to answer my questions with great kindness and professionalism. Writing the project was rather counter intuitive for me, and they provided me with all the necessary tools for succeeding in formulating the project the way I envisioned it. They both respected my proposal… Read more “Sara Cohen Shabot”

University of Haifa

Tomer Shlomi

“Thank you for the great feedback on my ERC proposal! Your comments were extremely helpful in focusing and structuring the proposal.”

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Ofer Fabian

“Initiating and managing a Horizon 2020 collaborative project is an extremely complex task. The team worked hand-in-hand with us throughout the proposal preparation and team building. Their experience was indispensable for building the consortium and writing the proposal.”

Musli Thyroputics, Israel

Josue Sznitman

“I just wanted to say thank you once again, for the support in getting through this (very) challenging and intense hurdle or preparing an ERC grant application.”

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Moran Bercovici

“I wish to highlight your valuable contribution in shaping up my project proposal. It is highly appreciated.”

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Yael Hanein

“ERC writing was very different than the kind of writing I was used to. Your helpful input on my proposal was critical and clearly helped me to successfully convey my research to the ERC.”

Tel-Aviv University

Muli Sagiv

“Applying to ERC is highly challenging, more than any other grant. Working with you was very fruitful, as your contribution to the process was essential to my success.”

Tel-Aviv University

Guy Bar Oz

“Your guidance and assistance was instrumental for my success in the ERC Interview in Brussels.”

University of Haifa

Anja Hegen

“We have heard only positive feedback from our researchers about your ERC training session. They mentioned several times that they like how professional you come across and that you de-mystify the ERC and gave them the hope that they can also win one.”

Research Management at University of Bergen

Jacob Goldenberg

“Your valuable inputs have helped me to crystallize my research hypothesis and adapt it to ERC requirements… You gave me real-time advice and supported the entire writing process. The scientific idea was positioned much better thanks to your involvement. You also helped me a lot by taking care of all… Read more “Jacob Goldenberg”

Arison School of Business, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC)

Tali Mass

“Thank you for you support and guiding during the preparation and writing of my ERC proposal. It is helpful to have someone who had so much experience with European grant system to offer guidance and direction. I sincerely appreciate your efforts and availability during the holidays to answer any question… Read more “Tali Mass”

University of Haifa

Luca Longo

“Your team was great in helping me align my research idea to the ERC criteria and to shape a robust scientific proposal. Through the several revisions, I was able to turn my initial draft to a consistent hypothesis-driven project, strictly conforming to the rules of science.”

School of Computing, Dublin Institute of Technology

Antonia Baraggia

“As a social scientist, I found your guidance and assistance in shaping my ERC hypothesis and application focus to be very helpful and valuable, especially in the field of Constitutional Law. The assistance was absolutely timely, the given suggestions sharp and consistence. They gave me an invaluable help in framing… Read more “Antonia Baraggia”

Università degli Studi di Milano

Hadas Okon-Singer

“I have been working with Enspire Science on an ERC application.The team was helpful, professional, organized and knowledgeable, while keeping a pleasant and friendly attitude. I am confident that the help enhanced my application.”

University of Haifa

Liana Chua

“Your advice was invaluable in strengthening my ERC application – not only in improving the way it was framed but also in pushing me to develop and refine some of its core research questions.”

Division of Anthropology, Brunel University London

Fern Wickson

“I was extremely grateful to have this assistance during the writing of my application. They were always available and provided regular support and detailed feedback on my draft documents. Their advice really helped me to not only understand the unique requirements of the ERC, but also pushed me towards developing… Read more “Fern Wickson”

The University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway