Enspire Science will strategise, outline, plan and execute (as needed) a professional and successful Dissemination & Communication marketing plan with the overall goal of maximising the impact of your project. Our overall mission is to effectively communicate the activities, progress, and achievements of your unique research project. It is our firm belief that there is no one size fits all approach. Our team works with you to ensure your marketing strategy is best aligned with your goals and project in mind. Other than communicating your project on a wider scale, Enspire Science also offers our Exploitation Service to assist you in successfully exploiting the results of your project through the appropriate products or services.


The Dissemination & Communication Management service is ultimately divided into two phases:

  1. Strategic planning – together we will identify the project’s target audience/s (for both Communication and Dissemination purposes), how we can most effectively communicate the project to this audience, and a specific timeline for doing so.
  2. Implementation and execution of the plan – once the project is funded, we will manage all aspects of seeing through this strategy.

Our team can work with you on both phases, or just one if it better fits your needs and requirements.


The strategy and implementation plan includes:

  • Development of project-related corporate identity (logo, tag line, etc.)
  • Website design and maintenance, including frequent news updates.
  • Effective social media strategy and ongoing communication of project, updates, and results.
  • Dissemination of project-related materials including flyers and posters.
  • Production and circulation of press releases.
  • Project representation at relevant scientific meetings and public events.
  • Dialogue initiation with the scientific community and the general public.
  • Organisation of seminars, meetings and workshops

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