Novelty and High risk
  • What is the novelty of your research?
  • What is most groundbreaking aspect?
  • What are the high risk aspects of the project?
  • How is you project original?
  • What is the expected paradigm shift?
  • It seems that your two last objectives are not as much of a breakthrough as the first one.
  • Concept definition: Can you define ‘x’ as the main concept? What do you mean by ‘Y’?
  • Your strongest publications are on different topics, how will this affect your ability to face the research challenge?
  • Please explain the nature of your multidisciplinary and holistic dynamic approach, and how will it work in the project.
  • How will the different disciplines interact in the research?
  • You ask for students. How would you get them to work on this project?
  • Interdisciplinary nature of the team – what background will they come from and which areas will they cover? How will they work together?
  • You do not seem to have experience in advising students/You don’t have experience as PI, how do you see yourself in that role?
  • What is the role of each person declared in your proposal?
  • Why do you need the grant? You made good publications so far and you will probably keep publishing good results without the grant.
  • Your dedication time to the project seems low.
  • How are you planning to spit you time between the different projects that you have?
  • You have been quite successful in obtaining projects. How will you be able to devote 75% of your time to this project?
  • You are applying to another grant with large intersections with this grant – what do you plan to do?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Why did you choose these specific case studies? Can you explain their diversity?
  • What kind of data would be used?
  • Questions relating to specific tasks and achieving their noted targets
  • What makes you certain that a breakthrough can happen?
  • This is long standing problem in the field, and you use the same methodology as before. Why should a breakthrough happen now?
  • What is the potential impact that the project’s result could have?
  • If this grant is successful, what will be the main achievement after the 5 years?

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