Horizon Europe seeks to fund groundbreaking and innovative research projects with the ability to profoundly impact the world we live in.

This means your radical vision for impacting our world and bringing forth change in your field of expertise may be given the opportunity to do just that.

The big question left tackling is – how are you going to ensure your vision for impact truly extends as far as possible, past the scientific corridors, to truly engage your audiences and ensure your research brings forth change?

A solid, professional, and innovative marketing plan will ultimately help you maximise the impact of your project.


We fully understand that marketing plans, and their ongoing execution, is not within everyone’s chosen field of expertise. What’s more – we understand the importance of allowing the researchers we partner with to focus as much as possible on advancing their research.


The Enspire Science team is here to fully take on the business and marketing strategy development and execution of your project to position your research in the center and push it forward.


This means that we’ll partner during the grant proposal phase and allocate the necessary budget for business and marketing activities (social media and PR strategy for example). Once your research is funded, we’ll move forward with the acquired budget you received.


The Horizon Europe ecosystem refers to this as Dissemination, Communication & Exploitation activities. Such activities will not only ensure the transparency of the public information of the project (the EU requires funded projects to display the project’s progress, advancements, accomplishments and all public deliverables), but also increase the visibility,  accessibility and concrete use of the research and its results.

Simply put – a thought-out Dissemination, Communication & Exploitation marketing plan, that is successfully executed, will maximise the effect your research has on the wider world (=impact).

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