The Enspire Science team is excited to soon kick-off our ERC Training Workshop.

At Enspire Science – we strongly believe that what sets apart less competitive ERC grant proposals from the highly competitive ones is a firm grasp of the programme’s elusive and unwritten conceptual rules.

Therefore, a huge emphasis during our training is focused exactly on everything that is beyond the ERC work program and guide for applicants, based on our ongoing work with countless ERC proposals.

In order for us to hit the ground running during training, we’d like to make sure some of the ERC basics are attended to prior to the ERC Workshop kick-off.

We recommend to get familiar with the following available resources:

ERC 2019 Work Programme

ERC 2019 Information for Applicants – for Starting Grant and Consolidator Grant

ERC 2018 Information for Applicants – for Advanced Grant

Attend National ERC Info days organized by National Contact Points (NCP) if available

Additionally – please refer to our Knowledge Base for all our helpful content on ERC

We look forward to meeting you soon!

If you have any questions regarding ERC, our workshop, or any additional matter – please do no hesitate to contact us.