The new Horizon Europe programme funds Collaborative Projects between academia, industry (including SMEs) and other types of entities, to address grand societal challenges or strategic industrial technologies. Enspire Science has a track record of more than two decades working with thousands of applicants. Our experience spans over the FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020 programs. 

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Learn below how Enspire Science supports you through every step of the grant preparation and project execution process:

Pre-Award Courses

Begin with our customized group courses to learn both the written and “unwritten” rules of this funding opportunity.


  • Collaborative projects in Horizon Europe  – Learn all the guidelines, requirements and aspects for
    competitive Horizon Europe collaborative projects applications.
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  • Customized Courses for Research Managers and Funding Advisors A dedicated Horizon Europe course
    for Research Managers and Funding Advisors.
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  • The budget in Horizon Europe projects Learn all about budget planning and presentation in your Horizon
    Europe application.
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  • The impact section of Horizon Europe projects Learn about the impact-driven approach and how to
    write the impact section in Horizon Europe.
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Horizon Europe Partner Search

  • Our Horizon Europe Partner DatabaseJoin our open partner database for free. In the event of a relevant match for a potential consortium, we may reach out and invite you to join.
    Learn more

Pre-Award Consulting Services

For individual assistance during the proposal preparation process, consider our selection of pre-award services. The services differ both in the extent of our feedback and the duration of our work together.


Post-Award Services

Our selection of unique post-award services can assist you once you have successfully acquired funding for your research project. Be sure to review these during the pre-award phase, as some services need to be secured at this time.


Enspire Science Knowledge Base: Horizon Europe Collaborative projects

The new Horizon Europe Knowledge Base will launch soon! For now, discover helpful articles & guides from the previous funding programme – Horizon 2020.

  • Grant basics

    [Guide] Beginner’s guide to Horizon Europe Collaborative projects

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  • Grant basics

    Building a Consortium in Horizon Europe – Don’t Bring Your Friends!

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  • Grant basics

    Horizon Europe proposal development timeline

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