Is your company looking for new sources of investment or funding?

Discover the Horizon Europe funding programme:

Horizon Europe is due to launch in January of 2021. With about €80 billion Euros in funding budget available, this can be a truly rewarding funding opportunity for your company.

Horizon Europe grants are pure, non-diluting, royalty-free, and very lucrative grants. This is different from most well-known business investment models.


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Horizon Europe Services for Companies:


Our Horizon Europe Partner Database – Join our open partner database for free. In the event of a relevant match for a potential consortium, we may reach out and invite you to join.

Horizon Europe Screening Service – Take on a more active approach in Horizon Europe! Through this service, our team of experts will search for relevant funding opportunities for your company. 

*Note: The new Horizon Europe (2021 – 2027) framework programme is expected to officially launch in January 2021, at which point we will begin providing this service. 

Enspire Science has over 2-decades worth of experience leading companies and research institutions down the EU funding path, and we’d be happy to work with your company to find and secure the most suitable funding opportunity that will bring sustainability and growth to your organisation.


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