With years of experience – Enspire Science has perfected a proven approach for successful work with our clients.

The ‘ERC’

For over 10 years, we have mastered the domain of the highly prestigious ERC grant with high success rates. In doing so, we bring the ‘ERC standard’, and the ERC’s “excellence” requirement, not only to ERC applications, but also to the rest of the EU funding schemes we support. This brings forth a rigorous review process which results with highly competitive grant applications. 


Our drive and motivation is advancing science. We understand how the scientific community thinks and acts and the ecosystem that researchers are working in. Above all – we keep on learning as we go. To achieve this – our team of experts applies our unique methodology which enables us to rapidly learn your specific scientific area and project. In this way we can speak the language of your science and provide better & more targeted support.

With You.

Writing a winning proposal is not a task to be designated to others. When we work with you, we take the journey together. You bring the idea, scientific excellence, and knowledge. We bring a deep understanding of what makes proposals successful in Horizon Europe and ERC. We will provoke thinking to enhance output, focus strictly on the point of view of the reviewers, and cover all technicalities and required administrative aspects. Together, we’ll design a well-thought plan that will be highly competitive for the evaluation, as well as feasible for execution. 

In Funding.

European research funding is all we do. For over two decades, we’ve lived and breathed the written and unwritten rules of European research. In Horizon Europe, our experience begins with the FP4 program, and continues through FP5, FP6, FP7,  and Horizon 2020, up until the current Horizon Europe program. In ERC, we’ve been working with researchers for over a decade – helping them craft competitive proposals and then preparing them for the demanding ERC interview.

We Fit
To Your

Our flexible researcher-centric services offer the right fit for your research, style, timeline, pace and requirements. We’re personally committed to your research, and will always offer added-value input ranging from low-key touch-ups to extensive coaching – all in line with your unique needs, research, and style. 

Know The Reviewers.

We know how the ‘machine’ in Brussels works in terms of what they expect from these projects, and our feedback closely reflects what the reviewers are looking for. We understand the reviewer’s ‘emotional feedback’ and can work to address this during the proposal development period. Finally, with regards to collaborative projects, we work with you to present a single-voice collaborative project instead of a typical ‘glued-together’ project.