How is Enspire Science Ltd. different from the rest of the EU grants consulting crowd?

We speak Science. 

Our drive and motivation is advancing science. We understand how the scientific community thinks and acts. We understand the ecosystem that researchers are working in, and above all, we keep on learning as we go. We learn your science in order to provide better, more targeted support. Our personnel is equipped with the right scientific background for that, and we have unique methodology that enables us to rapidly learn your specific scientific area and project, so we can speak the same language – the language of your science.

We work with you, not for you.

Writing a winning grant proposal for ERC or Horizon 2020 is not a task that can be designated to others. No one can write the grant better than you, and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

When we work with you, we take the journey together. You bring the project idea, the scientific excellence and knowledge. We bring the deep understanding of what turns proposals to be successful in ERC and Horizon 2020.

We will provoke thinking to enhance the output.  We will focus strictly on the point of view of the reviewers and reflect that to you throughout the process. We will cover all technicalities and required administrative issues.

Another crucial aspect that tends to be neglected elsewhere is the post-award execution phase. We will help you design a well-thought project plan, that will be as competitive as possible for the evaluation phase, but also feasible and ‘lightweight’ for the execution phase. We will make sure that once you get the grant, you will be busy mainly with the science and not with the administrative burdens of the project.

 We bring the ‘ERC-grade’ perspective

We master the domain of ERC with high success rates, for the past 10 years. ERC is all about excellence, where the bar is set as high as possible, as so are our review standards.  Clearly, this is mandatory for ERC applications and recently also to Pathfinder (FET-Open) who adopted some of the ERC characteristics.

The collaborative Horizon 2020 projects are also very competitive, while they have a wider range of evaluation criteria. Still, excellence is key to success in these projects as well.

We apply our high standards, applying an “ERC-grade” perspective also to ‘regular’ Horizon 2020 collaborative project proposals. By that  we guarantee that the quality will be much higher, compared to others.

We have a deep understanding of what is expected from you

We know how the ‘machine’ in Brussels works in terms of what they expect from these projects and give specific feedback with regards to what the reviewers are looking for. We understand the reviewer’s ‘emotional feedback’ and can therefore work to address this during the proposal development period. Finally, with regards to collaborative projects, we work with you to present a single-voice collaborative project instead of a typical ‘glued-together’ project.

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