Months of writing and preparation have finally led to the long-awaited moment of submitting the ERC grant proposal. As the ERC deadline quickly approaches, it is common to feel last minute nerves. We do not want these to result in forgetting any important steps in the submission process. To help, we have prepared an ERC last minute checklist to make sure that your proposal is properly submitted. This provides a tangible aid to hold on to and successfully reduces unwanted stress.


ERC last minute checklist when finalizing the application

Follow these steps below as you work on finalizing the ERC application:

  1. Make sure to proofread both B1 and B2.
  2. Remember to mind the page limits and instructions about margins. This includes header, footer, and fonts.
  3. Convert the Word drafts to PDF and check the quality of the PDF document. Fix images, figures, and formatting issues if needed.
  4. Double check the budget figures and their justifications.
  5. Attend to the ethical annex (if relevant to your application).
  6. Ensure the host support letter is originally signed, stamped and dated by a host institution legal representative.
  7. If you are requesting for an extension of your eligibility window, be sure to come up with the official documentation which supports the career break (e.g. a birth certificate for maternity leave, medical documentation for long term illness, etc.)


Checklist when submitting the application in the electronic system

There is a dedicated system for submitting the ERC application. The information below will guide you through every step of the process:

  1. If you haven’t done so yet, now is the time to open a submission session in the Horizon Europe participant portal. Follow the EU Funding & Tenders Online Manual to learn more about this process. Since it may take some time to understand the system, we highly advise to do so as soon as possible. As well, we often note a slowdown in the system close to the deadline. Starting out sooner will help in this case as well.
  2. Once the submission session has been opened, update the electronic form with all required personal information, ERC peer-review panel(s), abstract, keywords, ethics issues table, etc.
  3. Upload your application files: B1, B2, scanned PhD diploma with a visible date of successful defence of PhD (for StG/CoG applicants), host support letter, and supporting documents (if relevant).
  4. Complete the electronic forms and validate to make sure it is properly completed. Do not forget to save before closing!
  5. Last, but certainly not least, submit the proposal! We recommend submitting a first version as soon as possible to verify that there are no technical errors. Remember – it is possible to update and re-submit the ERC application repeatedly until the deadline. Only the last version submitted is sent for evaluation. Avoid waiting for the last minute to submit a first draft of your application


And there it is! An ERC last minute checklist that will help to ensure no important steps in the process are forgotten. Please do not hesitate to contact us in the case of any additional last minute questions.


Good luck from all of us at Enspire Science.