In the following list, you’ll find links to articles related to topics discussed in the video and an indication of the time during which the topic is discussed. This will help you refer back to specific topics and sections of the video.

The PI blocking mechanism (2:15)

ERC Review panel members database (8:34)

How to correctly asses ERC high risk (19:15)

The non-incremental ERC challenge (23:00)

Hypothesis in ERC- how to do it right (27:15)

ERC is not a grant for “fishing expedition” research (41:01)

The guide to collaborations in ERC (42:28)

Guide to the unique ERC “open-ended” requirement   (46:55)

Fragmented projects in ERC (48:58)

How to complete your ethics self-assessment  (1:08:00)

Grant review process – feeding the reviewer  (1:09:54)

Grant review guide: top 6 ways to annoy a grant reviewer (1:10:44)