Horizon Europe projects involve many legal aspects that can substantially affect the project’s smooth and successful execution. Amongst other binding and legal documents, Horizon Europe projects are required to sign two agreements: the Horizon Europe Grant Agreement and a Consortium Agreement. Many projects also involve Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) aspects, alongside additional legal issues. Correctly handling all such legal aspects is crucial and can help to avoid serious potential setbacks, disputes, and mishandling of information. Therefore, we strongly advise to seek legal review from a professional local legal advisor.


At Enspire Science, we offer the following legal review services, as detailed below. These services can help ensure the project’s legal elements are soundly attended.


  • Legal Deep Dive review: The “Deep Dive” service is our most in-depth and interactive process of examining and handling the legal aspects of a project. It is an entirely hands-on and comprehensive service. As part of the service, we not only analyse the legal aspects but also guide and interact with all relevant parties to ensure that legal aspects are handled properly. This service sees through the management and coordination of all the project’s legal processes. Due to regulatory reasons, this service does not include activities such as incorporation, affidavits, Trusts notary, local services etc, which should be handled locally by local legal counsel.

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