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Now that the deadline is behind you, a waiting period in anticipation for the results begins. As you wait, it is important to remember that there exist additional funding opportunities, aside from an ERC Consolidator grant, that you can consider.

Having already acquired the “ERC-grade excellence”, further channeling it towards additional funding schemes is truly a unique opportunity you can implement.

To make things easier, we compiled such opportunities all in one place, and added important insights from our knowledge-base so you can really receive all the important information you need.

Additional funding schemes worth considering:

  • FET-Open
  • Horizon 2020 collaborative projects
  • MSCA ITN grants

If you are considering to apply to FET-Open –

First – learn more about the FET-Open funding scheme.

Next, you can continue with a more comprehensive approach to understanding FET-Open by reviewing and reading our insights. The following links can give you a great start with important information and additional tips that you should have.

If you are considering to apply to Horizon 2020 –

The insights below can give you a solid understanding of Horizon 2020 requirements since they focus on unique features relevant to the Horizon 2020 funding scheme.

Additional insights and important tips about Horizon 2020 can be found here.

If you are interested in checking out the Horizon 2020 calls, check out this helpful link. 

For assistance in spotting the right opportunity for you in Horizon 2020 – do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Overall – we are more than happy to continue to work with you and help you once again to craft a competitive and successful grant proposal. You may already be familiar with some of our offered services, but there are particular ones that can be especially relevant as you move forward. Be sure to check out our selection of services, and contact us for any additional information or assistance.

If you have any questions at this time, or want to find out additional information about any of the above funding opportunities, please reach out through the form below.