Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) consists primarily of accompanying measures such as standardisation, dissemination, awareness-raising and communication, networking, coordination or support services, policy dialogues and mutual learning exercises and studies, including design studies for new infrastructure and may also include complementary activities of strategic planning, networking and coordination between programmes in different countries.

The process of constructing a successful Horizon 2020 CSA grant proposal constitutes months of work in attending to the fine details of the Horizon 2020 CSA requirements and expectations. This includes ensuring proposal pillars such as scientific excellence, implementation plan and expected impact are properly addressed.

Once you have a near-final draft of your proposal, it is highly advised to have this draft reviewed in order to ensure its overall quality. For this reason exactly, our team offers the Horizon 2020 CSA Pre- Submission Standard Review which provides you with a detailed report about the way the project presentation is reflected in the eyes of experienced experts (with experience in actual Horizon 2020 reviews). Keeping the point of view of the reviewers is imperative for successful applications. In this review we will evaluate how the proposal text “feeds the reviewer”.

Our team’s single review cycle, followed by the Q&A session, will verify that all essential elements are properly addressed, and that the proposal is formatted and presented “by the book”.

The outcome of our Pre-Submission Standard Review is a detailed report which covers both technical and conceptual aspects of your proposal.

The conceptual aspects we cover in the CSA Pre-Submission include, but are not limited to:

  • Coherence of the proposal “inner logic”. Read more about “inner logic”.
  • Readability of the proposal
  • Project’s objectives
  • Relation to the work programme
  • Concept and methodology
  • Expected impact
  • Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication activities
  • Workplan
  • Readiness of the project proposal to execution. Read more about the implementation structure.
  • Management structure, milestones and procedures
    And more…

The technical aspects we cover in the CSA Pre-Submission review include, but are not limited to:

  • Any relevant eligibility issues
  • Any errors that may lead to technical rejection
  • Abstract
  • List of participants – Consortium members
  • Overall formatting requirements and Page limits
  • Section 3.4 and Budgeting
  • Section 4.1 – Participants profiles
  • Section 4.2 – participation of third parties
  • Section 5 – Ethics and security
    And more…

Please refer to our timeline and deadline policies to learn more about the best time for this service, and our deadline for accepting new applications.

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