Below is our complete selection of group workshops and individual pre and post award services. All services were designed to fully address the unique aspects and requirements of each funding scheme. In the case of customized requests – please reach out to us below.


Our team of experts is fully trained in formulating a workshop or individual services that cater to specific needs and requests of our customers.



ERC Workshop: Achieving a Highly Competitive ERC Grant Proposal


Horizon 2020 Workshop: understanding the ingredients for Excellence and Success


EIC Pathfinder (FET-Open) Workshop: How to write a competitive project proposal


MSCA (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions) Workshop


How to fund clinical trials in
Horizon 2020.


Train the Trainers Workshop
Relevant for all EU grants we support.

Individual Pre-Award Services

The free of charge “Go/No-Go”:

Start here! This free service evaluates whether your project’s concept is in line with the requirements of the targeted grant

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Standard Review service:

This service resembles the official review process. It is a single review which provides a detailed report about the way the project is presented.

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Deep Dive Review service:

This is the most comprehensive service which consults the researcher through every single step of the grant-writing process.

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ERC Interview Training service:

An individual and entirely researcher-centric training, based on the applicant’s ERC proposal and the selected review panel(s).

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Clinical Trials in Horizon 2020: 
A customized services for Clinical Trial research projects.

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Individual Post-Award Services

Horizon 2020 Professional Coordinator Service


Professional Coordinator service provides you with a recognized international experience in managing EU R&D contracts, which can let you focus on the science & technology at the core of your research project.

Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Management Service

 Horizon 2020 seeks to fund groundbreaking and innovative research projects with the ability to profoundly impact the world we live in.