Horizon 2020 is the EU funding program for research and innovation. The program offers a wide selection of funding calls & opportunities specifically applicable to businesses and companies. Successfully winning one such call and acquiring funding is a chance to achieve significant growth and international development for your company. 


Securing Horizon 2020 funds can be of great value, but we often experience that this avenue is largely left untouched by companies because:

  • the initial process of searching, assessing and understanding which opportunities are right for your business is a very meticulous process
  • the funding program itself has a substantial amount of rules & requirements that must be learned in order to fully understand which calls are relevant for you.


Note: The Horizon 2020 funding program is in its final year. Its successor, Horizon Europe (2021 – 2028) will be launched and it is expected that the overall budget for Horizon Europe will be significantly higher.

The added value of securing Horizon 2020 funds:

Different from the well-known business investment models, and compared to other less lucrative public funding agencies, Horizon 2020 funds have a unique nature which calls forth many added values. To name only a few – Horizon 2020 funds are royalty-free, do not have any Intellectual Property constraints, are very secure & stable in nature, and much more. You can fully understand and appreciate the added value through our dedicated “Horizon 2020 for companies” article. All in all – this is certainly an opportunity worth looking into.

How to apply for Horizon 2020 funding

The first step in the demanding process is to clearly research & identify relevant open calls within the Horizon 2020 program in the EC Funding & Tender opportunities portal. We highly recommend getting acquainted with this portal and the information provided there. 


This first step alone can be strenuous and overwhelming. With over two decades worth of experience in Horizon 2020, we can assist you with this screening service to fully exploit the available Horizon 2020 funding opportunities.

Should we find such relevant calls – consider our full suite of proposal preparation services as you prepare a highly competitive proposal. 

What does this service include?

The Enspire Science team will handle the entire process of scanning, searching, and deeply understanding the requirements of the available calls, and assess those which are potentially relevant to your company. 


This process includes: 

  • Part 1: Understanding of your company. You will be required to complete a form that seeks to define and understand your company, its product/services, and more. 
  • Part 2: Horizon 2020 funding opportunities search. Once completed, the Enspire Science team sets off to research, study and analyze which (if any) of the current calls or grants are the right fit for your company.
  • Part 3: Calls report and feedback. When we have fully exhausted all available Horizon 2020 calls, our team will provide a final report discussing your current funding opportunities. 
  • Post-service: Should your team choose to move forward, we are happy to continue to be of assistance as you begin the process of preparing your Horizon 2020 application. The next best step is our complimentary Go/No-Go service


This service is offered at a flat rate of 490 euro per search request.

Each request includes the full process as detailed above.

Would you like to receive more information about this service? 

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*It is understood and agreed that provided information must be kept confidential. Enspire Science does not disclose the confidential information obtained.