The Horizon 2020 FET-Open is a highly competitive unique grant. FET-Open (FET stands for: Future and Emerging Technologies) supports the early-stages of the science and technology research and innovation around new ideas towards radically new future technologies.

FET-Open funds collaborative projects similar to the regular projects under the various themes of Horizon 2020, but it has unique attributes which make it stand out. Its true bottom-up approach (its “openness”) invites projects from all scientific and technological areas. The level of novelty expected in this FET-Open projects is higher compared to any of the other themes of Horizon 2020, and on top of that the application format is more demanding than the regular applications.

FET-Open tends to attract many applicants who do not find a suitable topic in the Horizon 2020 themes work programs. However, many of these do not realize that FET-Open does not serve as a substitute or an alternative to the Horizon 2020 themes. This results with high oversubscription rates and corresponding low success rates in this unique grant.

We, at Enspire Science, have the knowledge, experience and successful track record (since 2004) that can assist you with this unique grant.

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