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EIC Pathfinder Open is a prestigious Horizon Europe program supporting the development of early-stage ground-breaking, game-changing technologies. This highly competitive funding scheme is open to applicants from any discipline and focuses on funding high-risk & high-gain technologic research and innovation. To help you in the process of getting to know this very unique grant better – we’ve put together this guide which is a compilation of all our dedicated EIC Pathfinder Open articles and insights. Altogether, these articles will provide you with a more thorough and comprehensive overview of this grant.


Step #1: EIC Pathfinder Open – The Basics

The very first step to understanding this unique funding opportunity is getting to know its most basic requirements, characteristics and evaluation processes. This is what this “basics” article attends to, so be sure to start with this initial article before heading over to the rest.

Read more about the basics of EIC Pathfinder Open.


Step #2: How “open” is EIC Pathfinder Open?

EIC Pathfinder Open supports early-stage science and technology research and innovation ideas towards radically new future technologies in all disciplines. However, when looking into the requirements and evaluation criteria, as well as the evolution process, of this grant it becomes apparent that the “openness” aspect is quite misleading. Therefore, it is important to truly understand how “open” this grant is in order to understand that it is the right funding opportunity for your project.

Learn more about how “open” this grant truly means. 


Step #3: High-risk & high-gain in EIC Pathfinder Open

There are several core conditions that must be fulfilled as part of this grant’s requirements. Within these, the “high-risk/high-gain” is certainly the most counterintuitive and complex aspect to follow. That being said, it is of high importance and reviewers will certainly evaluate the strength and overall competitiveness of the project based on these measures. For this reason, we dedicate an entire article on this topic, which we highly advise to read.

Dive deep into the high-risk & high-gain factors of EIC Pathfinder Open.


Step #4: The hidden link between ERC and EIC Pathfinder Open

If you have any previous experience with ERC applications – this article will be a great resource to learn from. Briefly, ERC and EIC Pathfinder Open share many commonalities and overlaps. In this article, we pinpoint each shared aspect and expectation between the two grants, and further discuss how to optimize your upcoming application based on these newly discovered links.

Discover the hidden link between ERC and EIC Pathdiner Open.



The above articles offer a very thorough and comprehensive understanding of this unique and competitive grant. Be sure to take the time to review each link to better understand if this is a relevant opportunity for you. If you’re ready to move forward with the EIC Pathfinder Open grant – we highly recommend our dedicated course and 1-on-1 consulting for support

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