The “Deep Dive” review service is our most in-depth and interactive process of preparing the application from idea to submission. During this comprehensive service we accompany you through every single step of the grant-writing process.

The Deep Dive review service is based on the following pillars of success:

We work with you. Together we’ll prepare a highly successful application through a proposal development process that is customized to your specific needs. We’ll attend to the unique requirements and expectations of the funding scheme you are after to prepare the most competitive grant application.


The review process is ongoing. There is no cap or limit on the number of reviews you can request. During the process, we attend to the flow of your proposal text and provide important feedback as required.


Communication with our team is continuous. We invite open discussions about any part of your proposal, and ensure our availability to answer any questions that may come up along the way.


We’ll attend to the technical and administrative aspects of the application. While this is normally handled by the Grants office in your institution, we can support you with any of these aspects as needed, provided that our support will be approved and coordinated with the institution’s Grants office.


We’ll keep in mind the point of view of the reviewer. As we work, we evaluate and ensure that the proposal text “feeds the reviewer” in the best possible way, as this is imperative for successful applications.


Learn how this service applies to each unique grant:

ERC Deep Dive Review service

An extensive and interactive review of the scientific idea and its presentation, including full ongoing reviews of the text (both B1 and B2). Special attention will be given to unique ERC attributes such as: novelty, creativity, originality, high-riskhigh-gainnon-incremental research, investigator-driven research, hypothesis-driven researchopen-end, choice of methodology, fragmentationcollaborations, and more…


In light of the project concept, we will discuss the ERC peer review panel selection.We will assess the PI’s profile and his/her unique position to carry out the project. Importantly – we will assist in presenting this in the application in the best possible way.


From a technical point of view, we will:

  • Review of any relevant eligibility issues as well as any errors that may lead to technical rejection
  • Assess and address relevant ethical considerations
  • Handle or monitor the electronic submission system
  • Consult on budget issues
  • Perform quality assurance procedures including proofreading of the final proposal documents

Interested in the Deep Dive Review for your research project? Scroll to the bottom and contact us!

Interested in the Deep Dive Review for your research project? Scroll to the bottom and contact us!

Horizon Europe projects (collaborative projects; EIC; MSCA)

For Horizon Europe projects (collaborative projects; EIC; MSCA), there are several common conceptual and technical aspects that we facilitate in our Deep Dive service: 

Conceptual aspects: We provide an extensive and interactive process in which we will crystalize the concept, objectives, methodology and suggested work plan, and their presentation – tailored to the chosen funding scheme. This includes full ongoing reviews and proofreading of the proposal text. We assist with putting together a comprehensive and structured impact section, devising dissemination plans, communication activities and paths to exploitation, including market aspects if applicable. We assist in devising an implementation plan which is feasible and ready for execution. We suggest structures and implementation methods for efficient project management.   


Technical aspects: We make sure that there are no eligibility issues and/or any possible errors which can lead to your proposal being rejected/disqualified on a technical basis; We provide an annotated proposal template of the relevant grant for which you are applying. Our insights and “hands-on” expertise will guide you toward a better understanding of what should be delivered in each section, and translating this understanding to a competitive proposal; We assist with budget planning while making sure that it reflects the quality of the overall work plan; We assist in addressing ethical (as well as security, if applicable) issues concerned with the application. We handle and monitor the electronic submission system as well as all administrative issues with the consortium (if requested) up to and including the successful submission of the proposal.  


Additional aspects we apply for specific grants: 

Collaborative Projects Deep Dive Review Service

We assist with identifying the most suitable topic for your suggested concept, should such need present itself. We pay special attention to the degree of compatibility between the developed project’s concept and the chosen topic’s description and specific requirements. We assist with aligning the proposal text, and specifically the impact section offered, with the European Commission’s relevant policy as it is manifested in both the “Destination” and Work Programme under which the chosen topic is located. We assist with consortium formation, i.e., identifying the required missing functions and locating potential optimal partners able to support these functions and contribute to your project.  


Interested in the Deep Dive Review for your collaborative project? Scroll to the bottom and contact us! 


The specific case of Clinical Trials in Horizon Europe 

If you are considering to apply with a project that includes a clinical trial, our Deep Dive review service will address, on top of the above, the additional elements specific to clinical trials: 

Structuring the ‘Essential information for clinical trials’ annex; Devising the patient recruitment plan (i.e., addressing the challenges of the typical fixed consortium structure in Horizon Europe vs. the dynamic recruitment of patients via medical centers and its associated payment paths); Definition of the Clinical Trial Sponsor’s role and activities, including references to legislation, liability and insurance; Selection, negotiation and role definition of the Clinical Research Organisation (CRO); Addressing the challenge of a variable and sometimes flexible Clinical Trials’ time frames vs. the typical and strict Horizon Europe project duration; Applying for Orphan Drug Designation (ODD) by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), when required.  

MSCA Deep Dive Review Service

We support most MSCA funding schemes, including MSCA Post-Doctoral Fellowships (PF); MSCA Doctoral Networks (DN), MSCA Staff Exchange (SE) and MSCA COFUND. 

For the MSCA-PF, special attention will be given to the innovative, creative and original research proposed by the applicant, and supervised by the host institution, as well as to the training, skill development and knowledge transfer expected in this project. 


For the MSCA-DN, including all 3 modalities (DN, DN-Industrial Doctorates [ID], DN-Joint Doctorates [JD]), special attention will be given to the three hallmarks of this grant: innovative research, training of the doctoral candidates, and participating organizations combined together in a balanced manner, thus forming the MSCA “Network”. We also assist with clearly conveying the message within the project’s concept that the doctoral candidates are the ones who are at the center of the proposed network.  


Special conceptual and technical attention will also be given to the unique governmental structure requested in this grant, that is, network organization, joint governing structure, steering board, supervisory board, joint admission, selection, supervision, monitoring and assessment procedures, recruitment strategy, etc. 


Interested in the Deep Dive Review for your MSCA project? Scroll to the bottom and contact us!  

EIC Pathfinder Deep Dive Review Service

Our service applies for both EIC Pathfinder Open and EIC Pathfinder Challenges. 

For the EIC Pathfinder Open, our dedicated review will assess/ensure the proposal addresses the following distinct Pathfinder (formally known as FET-Open) features, in addition to the regular Horizon Europe features: Radical vision, that is, expressing fundamentally uncharted lines of technology; Science-toward-technology breakthrough, meaning an identified breakthrough technological target with respect to the State of The Art; High risk / high-gain, that is, the high-risk nature of the project is evident, as well as the potential gain (impact); Ambitious interdisciplinary research manifesting in a heterogenous consortium that extends past your discipline to elevate your ambitious research project. 


For the EIC Pathfinder Challenges, our dedicated review will assess/ensure that the proposal addresses the following distinct Pathfinder Challenges features, in addition to the regular Horizon Europe features: Compliance with the scope and objectives of the challenge as presented in the EIC work programme and the specific challenge’s guide; compatibility of the project and its activities to achieve the expected outcomes and impacts; the high-risk / high-gain nature of the project. 

EIC Transition Deep Dive Service

Our service applies to both EIC Transition Open and EIC Transition Challenges.


For the EIC Transition, our dedicated review will assess/ensure that your proposal addresses the following distinct Transition features, in addition to the regular Horizon Europe features: The right balance between novelty and applicability; Feasibility of the project’s objectives; Compatibility of the project’s activities and expected outcomes; Maturation and standardization; Quality and suitability of the team; Entrepreneurship and expertise aspects; Business plan; Maximization of the commercial potential; Development of the technology towards market deployment; Usability and customer experience; Readiness for further investments and market opportunities.  


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EIC Accelerator Deep Dive Service

Our service applies to both EIC Accelerator Open and EIC Accelerator Challenges.


The key to success in EIC Accelerator is the business foundation of the suggested project, the commercialization outlook and the company’s expected growth which will stem from this. When applying to EIC Accelerator the company is required to present a robust business plan for that matter. Therefore, the starting point of preparing a highly competitive application to the EIC Accelerator Open is having such a business plan intact.  


The Deep Dive Review is relevant for both short and full EIC Accelerator applications.  


Interested in the Deep Dive Review for your research project? Scroll to the bottom and contact us! 

Interested in the Deep Dive Review for your research project? Scroll to the bottom and contact us!


You can refer to our Pre-Submission Standard Review Service should you have limited resources, or require less hands-on assistance.

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