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Top EU Grant Writing Tips

Once researchers have an innovative idea at hand, acquiring resources for implementation becomes the center of their attention. They spend months curating highly competitive grant proposals that will hopefully secure them much needed funding. Working with hundreds of such hopeful and dedicated applicants enables us to note different trends that Read more…

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ERC , FET-Open

The Hidden Link Between ERC and FET-Open

ERC and FET-Open are very different funding schemes under Horizon 2020. To name a few differences – ERC is an individual grant, while FET-Open is a collaborative project. ERC is looking into excellence in basic research, while FET-Open is seeking Future and Emerging Technologies and it is by-definition more applicative. Read more…

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FET-Open: Just How Open is it?

FET-Open supports early-stage science and technology research and innovation ideas towards radically new future technologies in all disciplines. That’s nice, right?  But with a success rate of less than 1.5% – exactly how open is this grant? An overview of Fet-Open FET-Open is a bottom-up scheme that applies to all Read more…

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