The objectives of this course:

The course addresses all the guidelines, requirements and aspects for a deep and holistic understanding of how to write competitive Horizon Europe collaborative projects applications.


We’ll present the key ingredients to success using our unique and proven methodology for developing and coordinating Horizon Europe collaborative project proposals.

The course covers the following conceptual and technical topics:

Conceptual topics:

  • Introduction to Horizon Europe
  • Concept crystallization of your proposal
  • Consortium building
  • Crystallizing the required “Excellence”
  • How to present the project’s novelty right
  • Addressing the required impact of your project
  • Preparing for execution and implementation
  • Budgeting

Technical topics:

  • A screening process for a suitable topic
  • Types of actions
  • TRL (Technological Readiness Level) and how to work with it
  • Formation of the work plan
  • Orchestrating the proposal writing
  • Proposal preparation timeline
  • Open access
  • Data management
  • Ethical annex
  • The Funding & Tender portal
  • Submitting the proposal

The added value of this course

  • Excellence, Impact & Implementation. To elevate applications, we will refer to the three sections that each Horizon Europe collaborative project proposals must follow: Excellence, Impact & Implementation (including Budget). We will thoroughly discuss how to approach these successfully using the extensive experience we’ve acquired over the past 2 decades.
  • The “ERC Standard”. The course will also implement unique methods and practices gained from our extensive experience with the prestigious and highly competitive ERC grant. Adding the “ERC standard” (where the novelty and groundbreaking bar is set much higher) to your proposal writing toolbox will enable you to aim higher in all research and proposal dimensions.
  • Point of view of the reviewers. Our course’s content was developed while keeping in mind the most important grant writing aspect – the point of view of the reviewers. Since we know what reviewers are looking for, we know exactly what researchers should focus on and what they should avoid. 

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