The objectives of this course:


The budget presentation is an inseparable part of your Horizon Europe project. Reviewers refer to it during the project’s evaluation to assess the project’s implementation plan and see if the allocated resources are appropriate and justified to achieve the project’s goals. Needless to say, it is of paramount importance to ensure your budget is well planned, and its presentation is clear and consistent.


This course will walk you through the process of budget planning (during the pre-award phase) and budget execution (for the post-award phase) for your Horizon Europe project. Specifically, it spotlights important tips and insights gathered from our ongoing experience with EU funding, including lessons learned, and undocumented best practices.


Who should attend this course:


This course takes on an exhaustive technical approach to the budget section of Horizon Europe collaborative applications. As such, the content is most applicable for Research Managers & Funding Advisors as well as personnel from the financial or accounting departments of your institution. Applying researchers are of course welcome to join as well.

The topics of the course include:

  • General principles 
  • Costs eligibility
  • Actual costs model: 
    • Costs types
    • Personnel:
      • Pre-award personnel costs calculations
      • Post-award personnel costs calculations
    • Equipment depreciation costs
    • Other goods, works and services
    • Budget flexibility
  • Financial support to third parties
  • Internally invoiced goods
  • Subcontracting
  • Payments, financial reporting and audits
  • Lump sum model explained: 
    • How to prepare a lump sum detailed budget
    • Lump sum budget execution
    • Budget flexibility in Lump sum projects
    • The audit discrepancy
  • Budget utilization tips
  • Unit costs model
  • MSCA budget


*This course does not refer to the budget of ERC projects.

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