The objectives of this course:


Twinning is one of the hallmarks of the Widening work program, which aims to tackle disparities in R&I across Europe. Widening countries are:


  • Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia
  • Albania, Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Morocco (once associated)

The twinning funding scheme allows Widening coordinators to partner with leading European research institutions, and to enhance networking activities, create knowledge transfer between institutions while exchanging best practices. The activities focus both on raising the research profile of the coordinating institution and staff, as well as strengthening research management and administrative skills for efficient support of R&I.


The Twinning call has adopted a partially directional approach and has now opened a call dedicated to applications contributing to the European Green Deal, as well as the “bottom-up” call which is open to any field of research. Furthermore, it currently applies a lump sum grant structure, which is a key consideration during project planning and proposal preparation.


In this course, you will learn all you need to know about this unique funding scheme to set the stage for writing a successful proposal.

The main topics we will cover are:

  • Introduction to the Widening Work Program
  • Twinning Overview
  • How to design and present the scientific strategy
  • Boosting management and administration
  • Writing a competitive Twinning application
    • Application structure
    • Writing tips
    • Feeding the reviewer
  • Lump sum budget in a nutshell
The topics of the course include​


  • Horizon Europe Impact – the conceptual aspects:
    • Impact is more than results
    • Impact = value
  • The impact-driven approach in Horizon Europe:
    • Key Impact Pathways (scientific, economic/technological, societal)
    • Addressing impact dimensions
  • The impact section in Horizon Europe Collaborative Projects applications:
    • Projects pathways toward impact (2.1)
    • Measures to maximize impact (2.2)
    • Summary canvas (2.4)
  • Writing tips & insights

*This course does not refer to the impact in ERC project proposals.

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The added value of this course


  • Point of view of the reviewers. Our course’s content was developed while keeping in mind the most important grant writing aspect – the point of view of the reviewers. Since we know what reviewers are looking for, we know exactly what researchers should focus on and what they should avoid. 

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