The free of charge “Go/No-Go” Service

a screening service that can assist you in evaluating whether your project’s concept is in line with the requirements of the targeted grant.

 Standard Review

A review of a near-final draft of the research proposal, resulting with a detailed pre-submission report.

Deep Dive review

An in-depth interactive unlimited process of preparing the application from idea to submission with the researcher.

ERC individual interview training

An individual training, based on the applicant’s ERC proposal and the selected review panel(s)

Professional Coordinator service

We have extensive experience in running EU funded projects as Project Coordinator. This post-award service will enable you to focus on the science and development, leaving to us the administrative burden.

Developing a Clinical Trial project proposal under Horizon 2020

Funding Clinical Trials in Horizon 2020 is a challenge. We will provide an in-depth support, based on our proven experience and track record.