The free-of-charge "Go/No-Go" service is a screening process to help researchers determine if they should apply to the targeted grant.

The Go/No-Go service includes the following aspects for all grant schemes:

Our free of charge “Go/No-Go” service is our unique screening process which assists in evaluating whether the project’s concept is in line with the requirements and expectations of the targeted grant.

Before heading out on the meticulous process of preparing the grant application – a proper and focused review of project’s ideas will save time, efforts and the potential frustration in preparing a project proposal with low chances of success.


The Go/No Go evaluation will assess the profile of the applicants on one hand, and the project idea on the other hand.


The feedback that we provide is qualitative constructive feedback, based on our experience. This feedback can either help you make a decision on the next steps or point you to the aspects you can strengthen in your application, should you choose to apply.

We may provide a ‘No-Go’ feedback in cases where we recognize critical “show-stoppers”. Such critical “show-stoppers” can be either in regards to the applicants’ profile or the project idea. In such cases, we may recommend not to apply.

Learn how this service applies to each unique grant:

Horizon Europe Collaborative Projects Go/No-Go service

Horizon Europe Collaborative Projects brings together research and innovation while putting a strong emphasis on excellent science, industrial leadership, and tackling societal challenges. Winning a Horizon Europe grant is no easy task, and the preparation process requires understanding the fine details of what this funding scheme is looking for.


During the screening process, we will evaluate the compatibility of the project’s concept in light of the relevant topic and project requirements. As well, we will screen for any relevant eligibility issues or errors that may lead to technical rejection.

The Horizon Europe Go/No-Go service also applies to the EIC Pathfinder Challenges, Transition Challenges, and Accelerator Challenges & the Clinical Trials variants of this funding scheme.


If you would like to have your project evaluated in the form of “Go/No-Go” simply contact us below.

MSCA Go/No-Go service

The free MSCA “Go/No-Go” service is in line with the distinct aspects of each MSCA grant, and serves as an initial “screening process”. We will alert in case we detect any show-stopper or major issues with the presented CV and project, to allow readjustments for a competitive proposal.


This Go/No-Go service is relevant to the following types of MSCA grants:

  • Doctoral Networks (DN)
  • Post-doctoral fellowships (PF): support for experienced researchers undertaking mobility between countries


During the evaluation process, the Enspire Science team will cover and review the following  aspects of your potential project:

DN: Eligibility check for all participating organisations; Assessing the project’s suitability for the DN key evaluation criteria (namely novelty, training and supervision).
DF: Researcher’s eligibility check; Assessing the researcher’s profile based on the MSCA evaluation criteria; Assessing the project’s suitability for the DF fellowship (based on novelty, mobility, training and career development prospects).

The feedback provided will enable you to reach one very important conclusion about your research project at this point in time: is the project a go or no-go?


If you would like to have your project evaluated in the form of “Go/No-Go” simply contact us below.

EIC Go/No-Go service

EIC Pathfinder Open Go/No-Go service:

If you are considering to apply to the EIC Pathfinder (previously FET-Open) funding scheme (under the Horizon 2020 programme), our dedicated review will assess/ensure the proposal addresses the following distinct EIC Pathfinder features, in addition to the regular features of Horizon 2020 collaborative projects:

  1. Radical vision – expressing fundamentally uncharted lines of technology
  2. Breakthrough technological target – an identified science-to-technology breakthrough
  3. Ambitious interdisciplinary research – a  heterogenous consortium which extends past your discipline to elevate your ambitious research project


EIC Transition Open Go/No-Go service:

EIC Transition funds innovation activities that go beyond the experimental proof of principle in laboratory, and build on results from Eligible EIC Pathfinder or ERC Proof of Concept projects.  It supports both the validation of your novel technology in the lab and in some relevant application environments (by making use of prototyping, formulation, models or other validation tests) as well as the business modelling towards the innovation’s future commercialisation.


Therefore, proposed activities must include further research and development on the results achieved in previous projects and follow user-centric methodologies to increase chances of the innovation’s future acceptance by the market. As part of its evaluation criteria, EIC Transition focuses on Excellence, Impact, and the Quality and Efficiency of the implementation.


EIC Accelerator Open Go/No-Go service:

EIC Accelerator (previously known as SME Instrument phase II) is aiming at accelerating existing companies with high robust and innovative projects, products and/ or services, and assisting them in reaching significant market presence. Winning this grant is no easy task, and the preparation process requires understanding the fine details of what EIC Accelerator is looking for.

Before you begin the long process of developing your proposal, start with our free service to evaluate the suitability of your EIC Accelerator project.

During the screening process, we will evaluate the compatibility of the project concept to the unique requirements of the EIC Accelerator.


If you would like to have your project evaluated in the form of “Go/No-Go” simply contact us below.

If you are looking for ongoing assistance throughout the entire grant writing process, check out our Deep Dive service.

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