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Of the three major sections which construct the Horizon Europe grant application (Excellence, Impact and Implementation) – the Impact Section is one that seems to yield unclarity and confusion in particular. Though we can attest to its initial elusiveness as well, we must stress that it is a crucially important section to strategise and write in a professional and impressive manner.


As we often do – the Enspire Science team has put together its years of experience working with applicants, to help in the Impact Section writing process! Below you will find links to our three-part series dedicated entirely to improving the Horizon Europe Impact section.


Part 1: How to approach the Impact section in Horizon Europe

Before we can move forward with our tips and guidelines for writing a successful Horizon Europe impact section, it is important to first understand the key issues relating to this matter. That is to say – what are the common pitfalls which we tend to encounter in impact sections? What are some of the more popular misconceptions or misunderstandings that researchers bring to our attention?


In part 1 of this series – we’ll walk you through exactly these questions, as well as some initial guidelines for a better understanding of the Impact Section. Be sure to start with this article before moving on to the next in the series.


Part 2: The right team members for a successful impact section

Having laid down the common pitfalls, we are ready to start defining avenues which, if implemented correctly, will yield more impressive and engaging impact sections. In this article, we begin to explore the concept of formulating a strategic Business/Commercialisation plan as part of the Impact Section. As well, we define the team members who will help in seeing through this task.


Part 3: Preparing a Horizon Europe commercialisation plan

In the third and final part of our guide, we take the deepest plunge into this important topic. With a firm understanding of what can make our Impact Section successful, we are ready to turn our attention to the actual steps for implementation. Through this article, you will discover a list of leading questions that will help you to thoroughly identify the important aspects of a commercialisation plan. These will surely help you elevate your plan and strategise to maximise the impact of your project.


And there you have it! A three part Impact Section guide that will assist you in this incredibly important process. Be sure to read all three articles for a holistic approach and understanding. Of course, should you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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