Having decided to apply for an MSCA grant, you will surely spend months working on a highly competitive and professional grant application. Once you have a near-final draft, it is important to ensure the competitiveness level and overall quality of your proposal, and that it meets all MSCA requirements. This will help increase your chances of funding.

The MSCA Standard Review service resembles the official review process and provides you with a detailed report about the way the project is presented.

Our services apply to the following MSCA grant schemes:

  • MSCA Individual Fellowship (IF)
  • MSCA Innovative Training Networks (ITN)

Our team’s single review cycle (a thorough review of your proposal from start to end), followed by a Q&A session, will verify that all essential elements are properly addressed, and that the proposal is formatted and presented “by the book”. The feedback provided is based on our ongoing work and experience with MSCA proposals, which can then be used to improve the proposal readiness prior to the actual submission.

The outcome of our Standard Review Service is a detailed feedback report which covers both conceptual and technical aspects of your proposal.

The conceptual aspects we cover are:

  • Quality, innovative aspects and credibility of the research project
  • Research methodology and approach
  • Quality and innovative aspects of the proposed training and knowledge transfer activities programme
  • Quality of planned supervision and integration of the team
  • Quality of the proposed interaction between the participating organisations
  • The expected impact of the proposed project
  • Coherence and effectiveness of the work plan, the allocation of tasks and resources
  • Appropriateness of the management structures and procedures
  • Appropriateness of the competences, experience, complementarity and infrastructure of the participating organisations (in the case of ITN or COFUND)
  • Quality of the proposed measures to exploit and disseminate the project results
    And more…

The technical aspects we cover are:

  • Eligibility check
  • Formatting requirements  (page limits, margins, font size, references, page header)
  • Conforming to template structure and requirements (sections, sub-sections, sub-headings and tables)
  • Open access, ethics and other outstanding issues
    And more…

Please refer to our timeline and deadline policies to learn more about the best time for this service, and our deadline for accepting new applications.

Project Selection Ethics: Enspire Science prides itself on seeing through professional excellence across all the services we offer. In doing so, we ensure sufficient time is allocated to each application to ensure it meets its full potential. As such, we carefully select and engage with researchers and applications where we can identify that the core concept is relevant, and there exists viable potential to win and be funded. In the instance that we deem necessary, we may require a Go/No-Go screening before officially working together to ensure this engagement has the utmost potential for success.

Would you like to receive more information about this service? Let us know below and we’ll take it from there.

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