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Horizon 2020 – The Many Flavors of Clinical Trial Consortium

6 min read Horizon 2020 , with regards to consortium structures, can prove limiting and constraining for clinical trials. In this respect, a clinical trial consortium requires more flexibility and varying structures not often seen in other cases. Lets understand the possible limitations that may come up, and the possible ways to handle Read more…

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The Coordination Dilemma in Horizon 2020

3 min read The EC requires that in every Horizon 2020 collaborative project, one of the consortium partners will be assigned as the official project coordinator. According to the official EC grant agreement, the project coordinator is defined as a regular beneficiary to the project that holds extra administration and coordination roles. The Read more…

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Addressing the Horizon 2020 Oversubscription Issue

4 min read The Horizon 2020 oversubscription issue is growing fast. To be clear, the problem at hand is the notably fast rate at which applications are surpassing the calls. With far more applications than budget to cover them all, most applications are simply left behind. In this post, we will discuss the Read more…

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