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“I found it extremely helpful to have an extra pair of eyes going through the application and double-checking that everything is fine, e.g. in terms of the formatting and also the budget calculations. There is so much that can be missed at the last minute and it gave me a great deal of peace of mind to know that someone else is going through the application thoroughly. Beyond that, I think the most valuable to me was the guidance I received when it came to fitting my project into the ERC framework. ERC projects are very different in regard to what is expected and it took me some time to understand how to convey, for example, the “high risk – high gain” requirement. I also received important feedback about crucial aspects of the project, such as my hypotheses and research questions, which enabled me to make my research proposal much clearer. Overall, my project has become much stronger and more competitive than it would have been without an Enspire Deep Dive review. Last not least, I highly appreciated the swiftness in responding – literally until the last minute! Thanks Sharon!”