About the ERC Beyond workshop: Objectives & added value

The “ERC Beyond” workshop conveys to participants information that is beyond the ERC guide for applicants. From experience, we have come to understand and strongly believe that what sets apart less competitive ERC grant proposals from the highly competitive ones is a firm grasp of the programme’s elusive and unwritten conceptual rules. Therefore, during this workshop, we accelerate to the counterintuitive, elusive and conceptual parts of the ERC grant.


If you read the work program carefully you will surely notice the sole criterion is excellence. This is exactly where we come in. We decipher “excellence” for you, which is considered by many as ‘counter-intuitive’, based on our hands-on experience working with thousands of projects in the last decade. Alongside this criterion, we’ll uncover additional “unwritten” rules for success.


Topics covered during this workshop


As we discuss the above, we always keep in mind the most important grant writing aspect – the point of view of the reviewers. Since we know what reviewers are looking for, we know exactly what researchers should focus on and what they should avoid, and make sure to focus on such tips and insights throughout the entire workshop.


At the end of this workshop, participants will have acquired a thorough and deep understanding of the ERC’s elusive and unwritten requirements and should feel better prepared to prepare competitive applications that meet the expectations of the reviewers.


Important considerations about the ERC Beyond workshop

  • When is a good time to participate in this workshop? We recommend attending a workshop as soon as possible, and no later than 3 months before the relevant ERC deadline to allow considerable time for the proposal preparation phase.
  • Who is this workshop relevant for? Participants are first-time ERC candidates, applicants who have submitted to ERC in the past, and Research managers & Funding Advisers who wish to deepen their understanding about the ERC grant. Keep in mind, to achieve a competitive proposal, it is imperative to acquire a firm grasp at the funding scheme’s basic requirements and rules, as well as its more conceptual and “unwritten” expectations. To ensure this, we offer our “ERC Basics” workshop (which we recommend for first-time ERC applicants), as an important prerequisite to this complementary “ERC Beyond” workshop.
  • What ERC calls are covered during the workshop? Our workshop covers the Starting, Advanced, Consolidator, and Synergy calls. We can put additional emphasis on specific calls during our live workshop formats (more information on workshop formats below). 


Workshop formats: how to participate in the ERC Beyond workshop

For your convenience, the “ERC Beyond” workshop is available in several formats. To find the format that is best suited for you – begin by choosing either “single-participant” (if you are signing up for yourself) or “closed-group” (if you would like to book a workshop for a group of participants from your institution). Inside you’ll discover the relevant formats.

Single Participant
Open workshop at changing locations - Due to COVID-19 this format is currently suspended

From time to time, we offer the “ERC Beyond” workshop at changing locations throughout Europe so that single participants, or small groups, can participate. In this format, the group is “open for registration” which means participants will be joining us from various institutions. 

Due to COVID - 19 we currently do not have upcoming dates for this workshop format.

Closed group
On-site at your institution (pre-booked for up to 50 participants) - Due to COVID-19 this format is currently suspended

In this format, our experts come all the way to your institution for a live workshop session. 

We normally recommend this format for groups of up to 50 participants (from your institution). In this format, we can accommodate dates and times that work best for your participants, and will also customize the content based on the relevant calls and the participants’ background with the ERC grant.

To inquire about this workshop format, please follow this link.

**Be sure to inquire about our “ERC Basics” workshop as well!

Online course (for groups of up to 50 participants)

In this format, the “ERC Beyond” workshop is provided through our online Enspire Science Academy. Participants receive access to our produced video segments, and can watch when most convenient to them! 


This format is divided into two segments:

  • Pre-recorded Segment: An online pre-recorded video training (divided into chapters) covering all “ERC Beyond” topics listed above. While watching the video, participants can prepare a list of any ERC questions that may come up, as long as they are not related to a specific project. 
  • Live Q&A Segment: Following the first segment, a live online webinar session with all participants will take place. During this session, our team will present the collected questions and answer them; and answer/clarify any additional questions if needed.


Would you like to inquire about this option for your institution? Follow this link.

 **Be sure to inquire about our “ERC Basics” workshop as well!


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