Producing a competitive MSCA grant application requires time, resources and the right knowledge about what the grant requires. Alone, this process can seem quite challenging, especially being that MSCA is a bottom up scheme and seemingly open to all research fields. This is exactly why we have created our MSCA Deep Dive service, ensuring researchers have our ongoing support, consultation and feedback through every step of the grant-writing process.

During the course of the project development, the Enspire Science team will provide in-depth reviews of the MSCA application text, while learning the scientific presentation of the project, and thoroughly preparing and guiding applicants through all the relevant steps of the grant preparation process – from idea to submission.

In the process, our team will put the emphasis on the unique attributes that we know MSCA evaluators are looking for. Be it Innovative Training Networks (ITN), Individual Fellowship (IF), or COFUND MSCA grant schemes – we will focus on the following:

The comprehensive MSCA Deep Dive Service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Provision of “gold-standard” templates
  • Assisting with consortium formation and partner negotiation
  • Reviewing the scientific sections of the application, including crystallising the project’s concept
  • Reviewing the impact section of the application, including market aspects if applicable
  • Devising dissemination plans and communication strategies
  • Suggesting structures and implementation methods for the technical project management aspects
  • Review and editing of the ethical issues concerned with the application and structuring the ethical annex
  • Managing the composition of all proposal parts including budget planning
  • Providing an in-depth review of the core pillars
  • Handling administration aspects with the consortium (in the case of ITN) up to and including the successful submission of the proposal
  • Handling and monitoring the electronic submission system
  • Quality assurance procedures
  • Proof reading of the proposal
    And more…

Please refer to our timeline and deadline policies to learn more about the best time for this service, and our deadline for accepting new applications.

Project Selection Ethics: Enspire Science prides itself on seeing through professional excellence across all the services we offer. In doing so, we ensure sufficient time is allocated to each application to ensure it meets its full potential. As such, we carefully select and engage with researchers and applications where we can identify that the core concept is relevant, and there exists viable potential to win and be funded. In the instance that we deem necessary, we may require a Go/No-Go screening before officially working together to ensure this engagement has the utmost potential for success.

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