About the course:

EIC Transition Open is intended to fund projects focusing on the maturation and validation of early-stage novel technologies that build on the results of research projects that were funded previously by specific top-notch high-risk grants only (listed below). This means that this grant is open only to a very specific audience: applicants that hold the legal rights for exploiting the results of projects that were funded by one of the following grants: ERC Proof-of-Concept (PoC), EIC Pathfinder or Horizon 2020 FET projects.


As its name suggests, this grant constitutes the transition between basic research and application, as an integral part of the natural trajectory of bringing novel technologies to the market. Beyond further technology development and experimental proof of principle in that lab, EIC Transition Open projects are expected to include prototyping, models, user testing and other validation tests, as well as the development of a business case towards future commercialization and marketing.


In this course, we aim to provide the unique potential audience of this grant a comprehensive understanding of this funding scheme, assist in getting into the “transition mindset”, considering the point of view of the reviewers and present best practices for constructing a competitive proposal.


The main topics we will cover in the course are:

  • Introduction to the EIC
  • EIC Transition Open overview
  • Who can apply?
  • Bridging research and market – The transition:
    • Establishing the technology development process
    • Progressing towards validation and proof of concept
    • Impact – Market conditions and how to prepare for commercialization
  • Writing a competitive application
  • When to apply as a mono-beneficiary and when to build a consortium
  • Award criteria
  • Building a work plan 
  • Budget
  • The evaluation process
  • Setting the stage for the interview

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