Research Managers and Funding Advisors are uniquely positioned throughout the applicant’s grant writing process. For this reason, we offer a trainers course that is entirely trainer-centric.

About our “Train the Trainers” courses:

The added value of our course:

We believe that providing Research Managers and Funding Advisors with a customized set of tools for each grant and call can positively impact their ongoing work with the applicants they support.


These tools include, but are not limited to:

  • Tips for working with researchers before, during, and after their grant proposal process
  • Understanding what is more critical in the grant proposal, and prioritizing accordingly
  • Differentiating between what is important to the applicants as opposed to what is important for their reviewers and/or the EC officials
  • Navigating the intersection of “freedom of research” and knowing when to say “no” to applicants
  • How to be the ultimate support system during the applicant’s grant writing process, including a grant writing timeline
  • How to successfully communicate with applicants
  • And more…

We currently offer a Train the Trainers course for the ERC grant – learn more and sign up through the button below.

The rest of our courses are currently pending due to the transition to Horizon Europe. 

They will be available as soon as the new program launches. 

To sign up for updates regarding our Horizon Europe “Train the Trainers” courses please sign up below.