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“I started with the go/no go review as I prepared for the 2019 StG call. I was amazed at how substantial even this service was and it was helpful in designing the proposal. Ultimately I made it to Step 2 but was not funded, so for the next round, I decided to get a standard review. The Enspire consultants really went above and beyond in their work and gave me very detailed feedback on every aspect. The review was incredibly helpful because it went beyond a mere ”improve here and there” approach and dealt with the fundamental concept of my project. In a meeting, the consultants further explained their take in such a way that I was able to rethink my concept at its core. This immensely improved my proposal, but whether or not it succeeds in being funded, Enspire’s review was deeply valuable because it helped me develop my ideas and approach to my research. I will use Enspire for any future ERC consulting needs and strongly recommend them to everyone. Even if you have internal funding office services at your university, it is worth it to go to Enspire.”