It is possible to fund Clinical Trials in Horizon 2020, but it is not a straight forward task. Our customized Clinical Trials in Horizon 2020 workshop covers all the important details you must know.

COVID-19 Update: As long as travel restrictions remain in effect due to COVID-19, this workshop will only be available through our online webinar option (more information below). 

The objective and added value of our ERC workshop:

The Clinical Trials in Horizon 2020 workshop attends to the main challenge and unique needs within this funding opportunity. We do this by mitigating the different structures of the Clinical Trials on one hand, and the Horizon 2020 RIA (Research and Innovation Activities) instrument on the other.


The inherent conflicts between the two structures that need proper attention and planning include:

  • The Clinical trial protocol vs. the RIA proposal template
  • The Horizon 2020 payment structure vs. the Clinical Trial payment structure (including reference to the Horizon 2020 “Unit cost”)
  • Fixed consortium structure vs. Competitive recruitment of patients
  • Strict RIA duration vs. Variable clinical trial timeframes
  • Legal, ethical issues and conflicts
  • And more…

*For applicants without prior Horizon 2020 experience, it is advised to first become highly familiar with the Horizon 2020 funding scheme, which can be done through our dedicated Horizon 2020 workshop. 

The workshop is divided into two segments:

  1. A main presentation which includes an interactive Q&A and discussion session (up to 3 hours).
  2. Individual meetings with potential applicants to discuss their project ideas.


The topics of the workshop include:

  • Introduction to Horizon 2020
  • Working in a consortium – and its many flavors
  • Types of clinical trials and studies funded under Horizon 2020
  • The main challenge: Squaring the circle
    • H2020 funding vs. Clinical Trial payment structure
    • Unit costs
    • Fixed consortium structure vs. dynamic recruitment of patients
    • Typical and strict RIA duration vs. variable clinical trial timeframes
  • Working with CRO
  • Essential Information / Protocol
  • Sub-contracting privileges
  • Legal and Ethical aspects
  • And more…


The who, where, and when of our Clinical Trials workshop:

  • Who participates in our Clinical Trials workshop? Clinicians and/or researchers who wish to apply for EU funding for their clinical trial(s); Research administrators of medical centres/hospitals who wish to deepen their knowledge on funding clinical trials in Horizon 2020.The workshop can also be customized to accommodate the needs of research managers and funding advisers. Learn more here.
  • Where does our Clinical Trials workshop take place? 
    • Online – Our workshop is provided online through a live web conferencing platform. 
    • On-site – Our training sessions are on-site booked by our institutional clients. We bring our experts all the way to you. 
  • When should you schedule the workshop? We recommend to give considerable time (typically 3-6 months before deadline) for training.

Would you like to receive more information about our workshop?

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*It is understood and agreed that provided information must be kept confidential. Enspire Science does not disclose the confidential information obtained.

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