The FRIPRO funding scheme promotes independent research by providing funding for basic research and ground-breaking projects in all fields of research, where project ideas originate with the researchers themselves. Researchers from various stages of their careers can apply for funding under the FRIPRO program.


More information about the FRIPRO program can be found in the official Research Council of Norway website.


FRIPRO & Enspire Science

FRIPRO seeks to fund high-gain research that challenges important subjects and leads to significant breakthroughs on a global scale. A closer look at FRIPRO’s evaluation criteria unravels a striking resemblance and similar spirit to the written and “unwritten” requirements of the highly prestigious ERC funding scheme – of which Enspire Science is a leading expert.


Although different in structure, the key FRIPRO award criteria follow similar attributes, expectations and excellence standards, as in ERC.


Enspire Science has been leading researchers on their ERC journey since 2007, and working directly with FRIPRO applicants since 2017. As such, we have a dedicated and customized methodology which addresses all the unique aspects of the FRIPRO funding scheme.


During our work together, we’ll ensure to evaluate the following FRIPRO expectations:

  • Ground-breaking nature
  • High-risk
  • High-gain
  • Innovative and bold approach
  • And more…


Enspire Science FRIPRO Services:

Enspire Science offers the below dedicated FRIPRO consulting services. These differ in the extent of feedback and work with researchers. Contact us below for more information.


FRIPRO Go/No-Go Service:

This free-of-charge screening service evaluates whether your project’s core concept and researcher profile are in line with the FRIPRO grant, and includes a preliminary review of the project’s core ideas.


FRIPRO Standard Review Service:

The “Standard Review” service resembles the official review process and provides a detailed report about the way the project is presented. It includes a single review cycle followed by a question and answer session. The outcome of our Standard Review is a detailed report which covers both technical and conceptual aspects of your proposal.


FRIPRO Deep Dive Service:

The “Deep Dive” review service is our most in-depth and interactive process of preparing the FRIPRO application from idea to submission. During this comprehensive service, we accompany the researcher through every single step of the grant-writing process. There is no cap or limit on the number of reviews, and communication with our team is continuous.



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