To thank you for visiting our ERC 2024 – Is it a new game? poster at this year’s EARMA conference, we would like to offer you a one-time 5% discount on all our consulting services, and a 10% discount on all of our courses.


To benefit from these discounts, simply let us know you’ve visited our poster at this year’s EARMA conference when contacting us, or use code EARMA2024 where applicable. 


Below are some of the ways in which Enspire Science can help you and your researchers better prepare in line with these new changes.

Learn more in our “ERC In 2024 – what you need to know” article

Our dedicated article covers everything you need to know about the changes brought to ERC by the 2024 Work Programme. 

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Visit our knowledge base to discover our latest EU grants guides, insights and tips. You’ll find useful articles for all grants we support, including ERC. 


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Our Courses


Our Horizon Europe courses equip you and your researchers with everything needed to know in order to write a competitive grant application. 

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Our consulting services


Enspire Science has a selection of consulting services that will help you during the pre-award and post-award phases of your funding journey.

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Enspire Science Ltd. is a leading consulting and training service provider with expertise in European Research Funding. Research institutions, hospitals, and technology companies leverage our decades worth of expertise in EU funding to realize the full potential of their research projects. We apply our unique methodology and customized services to create new funding opportunities, accelerate ongoing applications, and more effectively present research to relevant funding players.

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