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2018 was packed with important lessons, tips, experiences and insights. Below is a list of our Top 10 most viewed, shared and used articles. Check them out, and be sure to stick around because we are certain 2019 will bring even more thoughts for us to share. All of these will be waiting for you in our knowledge base.

Top 10 Horizon 2020 and ERC Insights of 2018

Horizon 2020: Understanding the inner logic and structure of the proposal template ERC: Resolving the “non-incremental” challenge 
Horizon 2020: Proposal development timeline ERC: Keep your recycling for the environment
Horizon 2020: Complete budget preparation guide ERC: The guide to collaborations
Horizon 2020 Implementation Structure: Ensuring competitiveness and feasibility  ERC: The hidden link between ERC and Pathfinder (FET-Open)
Horizon 2020 Impact Section: The case of the abandoned child ERC: Eligibility window calculator
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