2017 was packed with important lessons, tips, experiences and insights. Below is a list of our Top 10 most viewed, shared and used articles. Check them out, and be sure to stick around because we are certain 2018 will bring even more thoughts for us to share. All of these will be waiting for you in our knowledge base.

Top 10 Horizon 2020 and ERC Insights of 2017

Horizon 2020: How can you solve the coordination dilemma? ERC: Tips for writing the ERC hypothesis the right way.
Horizon 2020: Building a consortium – don’t bring your friends! What you should do instead. ERC: Who is ERC material?
Horizon 2020: What it means to be a project coordinator.  ERC: Why and how you should know who may be your potential review panel members.
FET – Open: Understanding just how open it is. ERC: Thinking about copying from a winning proposal?? Think again…
Clinical Trials: Unit cost explained. ERC: What’s unique about ERC AdG?