FET-Open is essentially a Horizon 2020 collaborative project, but with unique attributes. Therefore, it is important to first become highly knowledged about Horizon 2020. This can be done through our dedicated training: How to write a competitive Horizon 2020 project proposal. During our FET-open training, we cover all that is unique about this grant proposal, and everything you need to know to apply.

The added value in our FET-open training

In this customized training we will discuss the basics of FET-Open, how FET-Open is different compared to other Horizon 2020 funding schemes, what is expected from a FET-Open project, and how to write a competitive FET-Open proposal.

The topics include:

  • Horizon 2020 overview
  • What is FET Open and how is it unique?
  • What is FET Open looking for? – The Gatekeepers
  • How “Open” is FET Open?
  • How to prepare a winning FET Open proposal?
  • Construct a FET-Open concept
  • Evaluation procedure
  • Lessons Learnt
  • The migration path from ERC to FET Open

The one thing you need to remember when booking  your next training is that we focus only on the point of view of the reviewers. We know how they work, how they think and what they are looking for. We know what you should avoid and what you should focus on. We are here to share all of that with you.

Target audience: Researchers from academia or industry who wish to apply for FET-Open; Professionals from SMEs and entrepreneurs who wish to apply for FET-Open.

Our training sessions are on-site booked by our institutional clients. We bring our experts to you.

When should you schedule the training?

We recommend to give considerable time (typically 3-6 months before deadline) for training before researchers must start to draft their proposals.

Would you like to receive more information about our training workshop? Write to us below and we’ll take it from there.

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***It is understood and agreed that provided information must be kept confidential. Enspire Science does not disclose the confidential information obtained.