The objectives of our online course:

The comprehensive Horizon Europe online course attends to all the elements and attributes you’ll need to know to produce a competitive Horizon Europe collaborative proposal. The online course’s various chapters address both the required elements encompassing a Horizon Europe collaborative grant and the more conceptual elements that are not explicitly mentioned in the guide for applicants. 


During the course, we will present the key ingredients to collaborative-project success, such as grant and topic selection, common pitfalls in the project’s initiation process, proposal writing clarifications, and more. Additionally, we will introduce our unique and proven methodology for developing and coordinating Horizon Europe collaborative project proposals. 


The added value of our online course:

To elevate applications, we will refer to the intangible concept of the required “Excellence” in collaborative projects, while using our extensive experience from the prestigious ERC grant as a reference. This will add the “ERC standard” to your proposal writing toolbox, which will enable you to aim higher in all dimensions, including both the way the project is crafted conceptually and the way it is then presented. This process proved to be highly beneficial during the previous Horizon 2020 scheme, and will therefore be implemented for the new Horizon Europe programme as well.   


The topics of the course include:

As we discuss the above, we always keep in mind the most important grant writing aspect – the point of view of the reviewers. Since we know what reviewers are looking for, we know exactly what researchers should focus on and what they should avoid.


We recommend attending a workshop as soon as possible, and no later than 3 months before the relevant Horizon Europe call deadline to allow considerable time for the proposal preparation phase.

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