The “Pre-submission Standard Review” service resembles the official review process and provides a detailed report about the way the project is presented.

An overview of the service for all grant schemes:

The Enspire Science team will review your application to verify that all essential elements are properly addressed. As well, we will check that the proposal is formatted and presented “by the book”. The feedback that we provide can be used to improve the proposal’s readiness prior to actual submission.

The Pre-submission Standard Review is a single review cycle, followed by a Q&A session. In order for this process to be effective, it is recommend to use this service only for a near-final version of your application.

Follow the relevant link below, according to the grant scheme you wish to apply to, and learn about the specific aspects of this service:

Note: If you are looking for more in-depth and ongoing assistance throughout the entire grant writing process, please refer to our Deep Dive service.

Please refer to our timeline and deadline policies to learn more about the best time for this service, and our deadline for accepting new applications.

***It is understood and agreed that provided information must be kept confidential. Enspire Science does not disclose the confidential information obtained.

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