The ERC Interview Preparation Training service prepares the applicant for the ERC interview.

The added value of our training service:

  • Our unique service offers training that is individual and based on the specific ERC application and the review panel(s).
  • The applicant will receive very focused instructions relating specifically to his/her project.
  • We offer ongoing communications and support, apart from 4 scheduled meetings, to ensure 100% preparation.
  • Strategic planning of the interview, as well as the rehearsals, focus all attention directly at the applicant – different from group settings.

Understanding just how unique each process must be, we clearly see the value individual training brings to each applicant.

The ERC Interview Preparation Training package includes the following four elements and sessions:

Session I: An opening training session which covers:

  • General information and technical overview of the interview
  • Developing the main presentation
  • How to prepare for the Q&A session
  • An ERC- customized presentation skills training

Session II: Strategic planning which covers:

A personalized brainstorming session with the applicant. We will discuss the best way to present the project in the interview, taking into account the project content, specific guidelines from the panel and all information presented in Session I. The output of this session is clear guidance and a set of action items for the applicant to prepare the presentation.

Presentation drafts exchange: Following Session II and before the 1st rehearsal (Session III), we will provide ongoing feedback to the applicant on drafts of the presentation, as required. Applicants are advised to make use of this opportunity and communicate with us for any question or assistance relating to their interview preparation.

Session III – 1st rehearsal – will preferably take place 3-4 weeks before the actual interview.

Session IV – 2nd rehearsal – will preferably take place 7-10 days before the actual interview.

General terms about Session III and IV (the two rehearsals):

  • In both rehearsals we will simulate the real interview presentation and Q&A. We will provide feedback to applicant and simulate various questions that the applicant may have to answer in the interview, as well as how to address potential scientific disputes. The questions will cover conceptual, technical, operational and any other relevant issues, such as potential distractions.
  • Though we do learn your science to help you construct your presentation and prepare for the interview – it must be understood that no one knows your science as well as you. Therefore, we highly recommend the participation of your peer/s or colleague/s (with or without experience in ERC) in the rehearsal sessions. Their participation will be in the context of asking questions regarding the science of your project.
  • It will be the applicant’s responsibility to arrange and coordinate these sessions with the invitees.
  • The training and rehearsals can be done remotely (over video conferencing) or on-site.
  • All rehearsals are conducted with at least two experienced trainers from our company.

Additional method of engagement for ERC Interview Training for Synergy Grant

During the ERC Interview Training we work to reflect the synergy of the team and the unique attributions and contributions of each PI. We will work with the team of PIs on the presentation (typically presented by one of the PIs). In addition, we will train all PIs to answer questions during the intensive Q&A session which follows. We work with the team on their connections, on understanding how to contribute to the team’s effort during the session, and to ensure the most relevant PI answers the question at hand.

***It is understood and agreed that provided information must be kept confidential. Enspire Science does not disclose the confidential information obtained.

Please refer to our timeline and deadline policies to learn more about the best time for this service, and our deadline for accepting new applications.

If you have any questions about this service, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions document, otherwise write to us below and we will be in touch soon!

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See what past participants have said about our training:

Good feedback on the general expectations for an ERC project in relation to structure of presentation

It was helpful, always on time, constructive and tailored to my needs.

Good suggestions about the structure of the presentation and about managing of time, your availability and professionalism.

Feedback on texts and PP were precious

Interview preparation was very useful.

The help related to the presentation was excellent and so were the answers to my questions related to potential comments of the panel.  

The brainstorming session was excellent.

It was very helpful to know what to expect at the interview and to have advice on how to sell my cv and project and how to structure my presentation. I very much appreciated that the training comes is multiple sessions, as this forced me to set time apart to… Read more “”

The service was good because of the preparation of the presentation, the structure and how to tell the story.

precision of the feedback, tailored to my needs.