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Our experience shows that proper ERC training is the first step towards a highly competitive ERC grant application. Since ERC is very different compared to many other grants, and since it requires a different way of thinking, it is essential to learn how to do that right.

It is not only the technicalities. It is way more than that. The nature of the ERC project, the high risk next to the high gain, the non-incremental research. All these elements are at the core of successful ERC applications, and should be well addressed.

ERC Training is the key for writing better ERC applications.

The right time to acquire ERC training would be around 3-6 months before the deadline. This will give you enough time to establish and crystallize the concept of your ERC application and prepare it right.

When should you schedule the training?
We recommend to give considerable time for training before researchers must start to draft their proposals. We still have available training slots during March and April 2018.

Make sure to secure training workshops in due time.

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