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After you’ve been awarded funding, we remain by your side to assist with project management, professional coordination, and administrative and financial management. Our post-award services encompass:


Project management

We, as a project management company, can act as either official coordinator or a regular partner, and provide any of the following services:

  • Coordination of the project as a whole
  • Coordination of project resources
  • Interfacing with the European Commission
  • Monitoring and control of the Work Plan
  • Arrangement of consortium meetings and subsequent reporting
  • Implementing the quality procedures of the project
  • Monitoring the general scientific and technological community in those research areas addressed by the project
  • Communication within the consortium in all matters concerning the scientific work
  • Sourcing Advisory Board members
  • Formulating and overseeing detailed project execution plans
  • Monitoring scientific and technical content of periodical reports
  • Administration of project resources including budget-related issues
  • Leading financial management activities
  • Monitoring, based on interim reports, actual consumption vs. planned budget and person efforts
  • Keeping records on the portion of the EU contribution that has been allocated and paid to the partners
  • Calculating and advising the Coordinator on fund distribution
  • Facilitating communication within the consortium on administrative matters
  • Handling outstanding administrative issues like contract amendments
  • Scheduling and arranging meetings and minutes-related activities, suggesting meeting agendas
  • Packing authorised deliverables and administrative QA including delivery to the EC
  • Following up on the implementation of steering bodies decisions
  • Preparing templates for project reporting
  • Acting as interface between the consortium and the financial department of the Coordinator
  • Provisioning of a Project management platform

Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication activities

Defined per project as needed, these services include:

  • Dissemination plan and monitoring
  • Exploitation plan, road maps and monitoring
  • Set up and maintenance of public project website
  • Business plan formulation and/or evaluation

Post-Award track record

Our track record includes a variety of projects in which we have provided our Post-Award services.


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