An official publication of the Horizon 2020 open calls has been released, with relation to the Smart, Green and Integrated Transport theme. 

MOBILITY FOR GROWTH: Transport is changing at an accelerating pace – cutting edge technological innovations, connected and cooperative vehicles, transport infrastructure, logistics operations, aeronautics and safety applications; major socio-economic trends; global targets against climate change and in support of Sustainable Development Goals; increased international competition for the European transport industry; new operations and business models based on increased connectivity between infrastructure, transport means, travellers and goods which can contribute to seamless door-to-door mobility. In order to address these new challenges, targeted efforts are needed to develop and validate new solutions that can be rapidly deployed. They will address transport means, infrastructure and operation models and integrate them into a user friendly European transport system of smart connected mobility for passengers and freight and with significantly reduced impact on climate and environment. Simultaneously a perspective is needed that acknowledges the broader impact of the transport system, not only on its users, but also on non-users in cities and regions.
This includes the following open 2018 topics –

These call topics are short submissions, and the deadline is 30 January 2018.
More information and the complete list of call topics (including the 2nd stage full submissions and 2019 topics) can be found on the Horizon 2020 portal in the following link.

BUILDING A LOW-CARBON, CLIMATE RESILIENT FUTURE: GREEN VEHICLES: The demand for electrified vehicles is progressively increasing thanks to significant technological advances achieved in recent years. Awareness of the ever growing impact of noxious and particulate emissions on health and significant progress in battery technology and production will lead to an acceleration of their market penetration. The Calls will focus on the most critical aspects supporting a massive introduction of electrified vehicles: 1) advances in electric batteries (production of elementary cells and pack assembly), 2) new architectures, concepts and components to support the advent of the 3rd generation of electrified vehicles, 3) improve the recharging experience from the view-point of the end-users, 4) supporting the competitiveness of European industries through the development of digitalised production environments and the use of advanced material, 5) addressing the urban dimension of introducing electrified vehicles.

The deadline for these call topics is 4 April 2018.
More information and the complete list of call topics (including the 2nd stage full submissions and 2019 topics) can be found on the Horizon 2020 portal in the following link.

In addition, there is an extensive list of calls under the Clean Sky 2 initiative – the full list could be found here

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