An official publication of Horizon 2020 has been released with relation to Migration calls under societal challenges 6 – Europe in a changing world: Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies.

The aim of the Migration call is to produce evidence-based recommendations for the global and European governance of migration of third country nationals as well as innovative (including ICT) solutions for the successful integration of migrants into European host societies. This includes the following 2018 topics – 

The deadline for these call topics is 13 March 2018.
More information and the complete list of call topics (including 2019) can be found on the Horizon 2020 portal in the following link.

If this call is in your field of research, do not hesitate to make use of the Go-No-Go Service (at no charge) to evaluate the suitability of your project.

There are many aspects to consider before deciding to apply. Read below some additional insights that are specifically relevant:

The Coordination Dilemma in Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 Professional Project Coordinator  

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